Cleaning Tricks

When getting a carpet professionally cleaned, vaccum before to remove lose dirt/dust.

How to treat your wooden floors? Treat your laminate wood floors with a special hardwood floor care system; don't walk on them until at least 2 hours later. Minor imperfections'll be camouflaged; deep scratches'll still be noticeable.

Remove grease from oven racks with a oven rack & grill cleaner. Slip one/two grates into the giant zip-top bag; add the entire bottle of fume-free cleaner. Seal the bag & slosh around to coat the racks (like a marinade). Soak for at least eight hours or overnight. The softened gunk should rinse off or wipe away with a sponge. Quickly go over very charred grates with a wire brush before soaking.

High windows that you can't reach. Try buying a pole with a filler pad and wet window and pad with a garden hose. First clean, then rinse. It is better to work when the temperature is not too hot, as high temperatures cause streaking caused by quick drying droplets.

Cleaning screens = nightmare... now there are screen wipes made from a special cloth that won't disintegrate or leave lint or residue behind, attract dirt & need no rinsing afterward.

Cleaning fans: With an extendable duster, go over the tops and bottoms of the blades to capture loose dust. Or just grab a step stool, and dust with a dry microfiber cloth on both sides of blades. Shake out the cloth, lightly dampen it; wipe blades again, this time picking up any oily film. Give glass fixtures a pass with a clean section of cloth while you're up there.